Recession Busting Film Producing

Can you afford NOT to do this course?

What will be the new models of finance in 2012?

Come and find out how you can frame your filmed project over the next few months with a professional producer who knows the industry players and what they are saying.

-NB- You can bring your director/writer/business partner if you can prove they are in the same organisation- eg one fully paid up person in the room.
During this course we look at the major elements of making a film legally and practically, while focussing on cost cutting tips and advice from industry professionals and guests.

A 5 day course in 5 weeks, designed specifically for filmmakers with a feature at packaging stage, a completed short film or those who are seriously looking to move into feature financing and production.

During the 5 week course you will meet key industry executives from the fields of entertainment law, sales and distribution, financing and post production who will change your view of how the film industry works and what you must do to guarantee success in this field, especially during these grim financial times.

Ideal for those looking to make the leap from shorts to feature filmmaking: documentary and fiction!

Course numbers are limited to ensure one to one time with industry executives and key seminar participants. Invaluable ‘insider’ industry modules also provided, together with a chance to get helpful advice on your projects.

Praise for Anita Lewton:

“Anita is passionate and knowledgeable and cares wholeheartedly about the film industry and the people that work in it. I had the pleasure of attending one of her Producers workshops and came away feeling as though I was given a great deal of sober and relevant information about the film industry, all delivered in a very personable, accessible and informed manner. Furthermore, she got top-billing from the students on our feedback forms!” – 
Alison Poltock, Director of the East End Film Festival.

“I thought I understood how films are produced but I realised I didn’t know enough about the business side, what films actually get made and most importantly what sells and how that works…. no one who is serious about producing anything should miss this course” – 2009 alumni producer.

“I learned more about producing on in 5 sessions than in 20 years of working on films in the industry”
 – Top UK (line) producer.

“I came all the way from Australia to do this course and it was worth every penny” – 
CEO International Transmedia Company.

“NOTHING we learned in film school came close to telling us what actually happens in the producing world …terrific course for everyone”
 – European LFS graduate director, currently developing a feature.

For further information and to book a place on the course please contact Anita Lewton.