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Lydia 2Producer - Orazio Frisicale, Marnie Production, France
Writer/Director - Anita Lewton-Moukkes
Director of Photography - Joao Pedro Placido
Director of Production - Klidia Ait Aoudia
Editor - David Thiers
1st AD - Agathe Dalisson
Sound - Elias El Wafir
Cast - Marina Boudra, Sam Higan
Supported by the Languedoc Roussillon Region






Lemon CrushProducer - Anita Lewton/E2 Projects, London Production Fund
Writer/Director - Shane O'Sullivan
DoP - Tat Radcliffe
Cast - Carl Ng, Tuyet Le











Broken Eternity

Producer - Marc Boothe/B3 Media UK/Channel 4/BFI Shorts
Director - Devika Ponnabalam
Producer - Marc Boothe
Cast - Ramon Tikaram
Locations Manager - Anita Lewton






Producers - Michelle Eastwood, Escape Films, BFI, Lighthouse
Director - Adrian McDowell

Writer - Andrew Yerlett
Featuring - Rufus Jones
Locations Manager - Anita Lewton
BFI funded short, 20 mins - UK Broadcast/International Festivals

Gutpunch 2Gutpunch 3

Gutpunch 4
Gutpunch 6


  • LETTER TO UNKNOWN SON - dir. Laurence Timmons, Producer - Anita Lewton
  • PROFESSIONAL WOMAN OF THE YEAR - dir. Don Boyd, Line Producer - Anita Lewton
  • TOBEY - dir. Carol Wiseman - Line Producer - Anita Lewton
  • LIES - dir. Stuart Urban - Line Producer/1st AD - Anita Lewton





RFK MUST DIE – The Assassination of Bobby Kennedy 

Producer - Shane O'Sullivan/E2 Films
Writer/Director - Shane O'Sullivan
Associate Producer - Anita Lewton 
UK Distributor Soda Pictures, Worldwide Sales 3DD Ent. USA DV Distrib. - IFC
Feature documentary 120 mins







God in My Pocket

Producer - Ennorbal Productions France
Director - Arnault Labaronne
Writer/Actress - Caroline Gerdolle
Actress/Associate Producer - Anita Lewton
Mobile phone feature (premiered at Pocket Film Festival Paris)



Producer - Anita Lewton/Shane O'Sullivan - E2 Projects
Development Producer - Anita Lewton
Cast included Hubert Kounde and Carl Ng
Script funded by Creative Europe Media, Irish Film Board (production partners attached - Soda Pictures UK, Grand Pictures Ireland, Gemini Films Cologne and Arsam France).



Producer - E2 Films
Associate Producer - Anita Lewton
Writer/Director - Shane O'Sullivan
Cast - Nitin Ganatra, Hanayo, Marie Wilson